Sunday in Costa Mesa

Mi Amor and I went to The Lab one very hot Autumn Sunday here in Costa Mesa.  

Here I am at the UO imagining my perfect studio, with three walls like this one, glass and greenery that fade beautifully into the background and one solid wall to use for backdrops.  

Curled up in an orange Volkswagon van, just like my 70s parents used to have.  I remember it would break down a lot, but it was awesome for "camping out" at my mom's eye clinic.  That was the closest I ever got to actual camping.  I think south Texas has a lot of critters friendly and non that roam the nights and my mother was having none of that.  I would hear coyotes howling veerrrrry close by every night we visited our retreat in Zapata.  I think I could do glamping though.  Does that make me less cool?

Mi Amor took this as photographic evidence of the face I make when I want something.  I find it really embarrassing how naturally dramatic I am, just look at that hand.  The object of desire was an Ella Fitzgerald album set of 5 records "Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George & Ira Gershwin Songbook", a very worthy one I must add.  It is home now and plays beautifully.  She is my musical muse always, love that Ella. Thank you, baby <3

*as an aside, I just realized that my outfit is an exact outfit incarnation of the record store name "Creme Tangerine". It was destiny. I digress.

Vintage evening gowns are something I collect and I've realized they are not exactly things you can wear to a friend's wedding or baby shower, more like, what you wear to a Christmas party at a dark French restaurant or perhaps to an independent movie showing or, as I have begun to do, wear them with sandals and a tank top as a casual outfit.  I do feel fancy and they are pretty comfy if they are stretchy and I love that I am getting to wear some of my more beloved pieces. 

Here she is! So happy I found this album set.  

Photos of me taken by my darling man, Freddy Fitzgerald. Nature photos taken by me.