Bridesmaid Robes--The Secret to Glam "Getting Ready" Photos

When Joe wrote me about doing a blog about Bridesmaids gifts, I knew exactly what I wanted to share about—Robes! Specifically their Blissfully Kissed Collection.


Something I love is when a Bride and her ladies have matching robes and even more impressive is when they are personalized as a gift.


Not only is it super thoughtful but from an aesthetic point of view, makes your “getting ready” photos that much more glam and put together. Who doesn’t want their girl group to look amazing?

Most brides want to impress with their gift but not break the bank and these are luxurious and at a great price point.


Reasons to Love the Blissfully Kissed Collection Robe:

  1. Arrives quickly

  2. Ships in an adorable bag that doubles as gift wrap

  3. Will be loved long after the photos have been snapped and a lovely reminder of your friendship (Aww)

  4. 17 colors to choose from and 31 embroidery color options (Yes I counted them!) So you can be sure they have your wedding colors or something remarkably close.

  5. “But I’m not a bride or a bridesmaid”, you say. You know self-care, right? The perfect gift for yourself for Valentine’s Day or simply to look lux while lounging around the house or running from shower to room—run in style!

  6. The robe has that wonderful ribbon on the inside to make sure it stays put.

  7. Someone should deem 2019 the year to personalize, so personalize away with 4 embroidery options.

  8. From the moment I unboxed, the quality impressed me and am excited to enjoy this little splurge for years to come.

The only downside, is that it comes in one size, so it’s a bit roomier but that could also make for easier gifting—might be a total positive for you!

This robe was gifted to me and I’m not receiving compensation for any future sales. I simply want you to look and feel fabulous in your “getting ready” photos and/or sipping La Croix around the house.

To a more luxurious everyday.



Juliet PeelComment