Chapter 20--How to Make a Magical Photoshoot

With so many photoshoots in the works, I thought it would be helpful and interesting to create a guideline for making magical photos. 

Here are some thoughts I put together. Maybe you have some to add. 


How to Make a Magical Photoshoot:


1. Decide to have a photoshoot. Setting the intention and from there you can fill the space. 

2. Choosing a purpose. Is this for an event, to show a person's essence, to celebrate, to play, to showcase a business or product or just for fun.

3. Develop a theme. Choose images that inspire you and decide on emotions you want to convey. For example, beach or city theme with moody or joyful emotions, etc. 

4. Choose wardrobe that will enhance your person, purpose and theme, not compete with it. 

5. Decide if props will help you clarify your purpose and theme. Will this express a symbol that means something to me or the viewer?

6. Take time for yourself--feeling extra pampered adds a wonderful glow, feeling good about yourself always brings others joy as well.

7. Remove stressful elements from your life as much as possible the day of. 

8. Enjoy yourself. Once proper preparations have been made, it is important to leave expectations behind and let the day create its own magic from your plans. Trust that your photographer will capture your magic with their knowledge of photography, lighting, editing and above all, understanding what you want to express in that creative flow. 

May every photo be magical, 




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