Chapter 19--What to do when you're not feeling very magical

Sometimes for whatever reason, the magic is just not there. You know what I mean. Things aren't flowing, you feel a stormy cloud over your soul, good luck is sprinkling daisies on the other side of the fence. The number one reason people don't take photos is because they don't feel very magical (beautiful, happy, joyful, and on and on), but essentially they are saying, I've lost my magic and what makes a photo so mesmerizing, so awesome is that spark of a person's soul, sooo...

How do you get that magic back?

1. Don't expect it to come back in one day. That'd be cruel. That's just fuel for you to beat yourself up more. 


2. Usually it's because you're being too hard on yourself. Celebrate yourself a little. When was the last time you did something nice for yourself?


3. Besides being nice to yourself, you need to find what makes you smile. Make a list and start incorporating those things in your life right now.


4. Play! There is no flow, without play. I'm not talking about getting crazy trashed. I'm talking about mindful activities that you enjoy. Go exploring a museum you've never gone to, savor a treat from your childhood, listen to music you love and draw what it makes you feel. Make a "play" list, things you think sound fun, but you have never allowed yourself the luxury of doing. (now you are starting to see why you've not had that magic flowing)


5. Once you've done one nice thing for yourself every day for 3 months, you start to change a little. Don't be impatient until the 3 month mark.


6. This is where the magic that's been under the surface can start to bubble up to the fresh light of day! You don't feel as grumpy or mournful, you look fresher, more lovely

and then taking photos isn't just a guilt-ridden chore. It's just an extension of your magic. 

If the idea of "play" is still a challenge, have a look at this TED talk on the subject here


A psychiatrist's perspective on play here

(Inspired by Julia Cameron, read her book here)

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