Chapter 17--A Date For Yourself

I have been reading a book called "The Artist's Way". It is about reconnecting with that innate creativity that we all have within us. 


Something the book recommends is called "An Artist's Date". This is a few hours every week that you set aside to be by yourself, do something that inspires you. This is not supposed to be practical or productive. It is simply an opportunity to "fill the well" of inspiration. 


Creativity needs room to breathe, not demanded of to produce.

Great article  here

Great article here

Today I put this into practice. I took myself to Old Town Orange, a place I've done a lot of photoshoots, and I let myself wander and roam and be inspired with no agenda, no plan. 


It made me realize some things. First, the energy and magic of a photoshoot really does turn the "everyday" into something else altogether. Not having a subject to photograph or photos to create, I felt the pulse of everyday life. Second, it allowed me to brainstorm with greater clarity and joy. 


Beyond the needs of photography for special events. I am a strong encourager of creating experiences within the realm of photography. 


Want to ride a horse on the beach? Why not have it captured on camera?


Want to dress up like one of your heroes? Why not have a professional photo of that?


Want to document your life? Why not have an album with highlights from each month of your year?


Thank you for joining me in my ever-growing pursuit of how we can cherish our lives and stories more thoroughly and joyously through photography.

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Much beauty, magic and meaning,


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