Chapter 13--A Bridge

Do you think it's possible to live with joy and ease and still be productive?


This is something I contemplate with Juliet Peel Photography. How to draw a bridge between artistry and business, inspiration and documenting memories.


What brings you immense joy?


What makes you feel at ease?


This weekend I had the opportunity to work with According to Kimberly blogger, Kim Luu on a photo project for her birthday.  Here are some of the results:

Doesn't she simply exude peace and elegance? The sunset was cotton candy pink and the ocean a baby blue on the horizon. The air salty and cool. Not pictured here are a billowing cloud of pink and white balloons, which drew the attention of passers by. But we were in our element, creating images for a purpose and creating art. I learned some new techniques with my camera lighting over the week and I am proud to say, these photos are completely unedited. This is what they look like straight out of the camera. That is joy. That is ease. 


It is not always the case, but I am very intrigued by working hard, getting in the flow and following the joy and ease in my heart in the process.


Something to ruminate over.


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Much beauty, magic and meaning,


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