Chapter 16--The Place that Magic Lives

I don't know about you, but it's easy for me to get tossed in the shuffle of our fast modern life. I'm an old soul and I like things with a story, with presence, with longevity. 


When I start to feel that pressure of modern life pressing in, pushing with an agenda, a list, I make time for it, I put it in its place and then...


A deep breath and all that follows...


is where the magic happens.


What do I mean by magic?


I'll show you. 


With wedding photography, there is a standard, an expected list of shots that as a professional I am expected to capture. The couple together, the ceremony, the rings, the bridal party, family, the cake cutting, you know this stuff. This is all good and important..and I put my heart into every capture. 

But here is the deep breath, and all that follows. 


The candid shots, the look in the father's eye of pride, the words he will never say, the electrifying energy as they dance, the wild, raw, authentic moments you may never see. The magic for me, is in those secret, elusive moments, that happen within 1/2500 of a second, 1/80 of a second, faster than a blink of the eye. 

And now through the photos, you can see what you couldn't see with your eyes and feel something you never felt and even, travel back in time. 


For me, my friend, that is MAGIC.


Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take that breath and search for the moments that will last forever. 


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Much beauty, magic and meaning,


Juliet PeelComment