Chapter 14--What you love, captivated

This Sunday is Mother's Day as we are all aware. I am all for flowers and cards and spoiling with gifts, but take a moment to have a selfish thought:


"How do I want to remember mom?" (or a special person like a mom)


(If your mother has passed, like mine has, then please skip this part if it is painful)


Did she love to play the piano, was she a doctor, a fantastic cook, did she love to watch tv and drink wine? Do you have a photo of her doing these things?


I find now that the photos I have of my mother doing things are so interesting to me.  I love and cherish the posed photos, but there is something so endearing about seeing her in her element, eyes sparkling doing what made her happy.


Here is the selfish moment:


What makes you happy? And do you have photos of yourself doing these things?


How do you want generations beyond this one to see you?


Immediately, I think priorities, I want to be seen as... I want to invest in... Why don't I do x,y,z. 


Puts things in perspective quite nicely doesn't it?


Here are some photos of lovely Brey in her element, at ease. A native to Seattle, she is at home with delicious coffee and great conversation. A great window into her life, don't you think?

You may have come across this photo in your life once or twice:

You will be very happy to hear that it is not about harassment but something altogether wonderful. A marvelous adventure. 


Read all about it here



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Much beauty, magic and meaning,


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