Flower Market in DTLA with Friends

The Flower Market in DTLA has been on our wish list for awhile and Saturday was the day everyone could make it happen.  Adrea, Charis, Freddy, Luke, Melissa and myself drove a three-car caravan from OC to LA into the hot chaos and grungy symphony that is DTLA to see beautiful, steamy flowers in their Autumn glory. We mostly talked, oooo-ed and ahh-ed over great prices and massive displays of petaled prettiness, missed peonies (next spring, my loves) and found some stunning stems to bring back home. 

Adrea found some heavenly hydrangeas in a rare shade of turquoise and lavender, they smelled of chili peppers and had a fluffiness reminiscent of cotton candy.

The juxtaposition of gritty and fresh was a small vignette of the great Los Angeles way of life. 

Good enough to eat or take a nap in.  Cloud-like hydrangeas were everywhere. 

A close-up of Adrea's find.

Artsy edit of Charis and her airplant child. We've been on the hunt for the perfect air plants for awhile now. She found and adopted four today.

Charis has the coolest jewelry pieces. Her necklace and bracelets are from when she lived in Iraq. Yes she is awesome like that. 

Just a bucketful of radiance. As much as I love a beautiful arrangement, I love potted plants best. It breaks my heart to think of all these beauties wilted and rotting. A rose garden is a divine place with the sweet smell of perfumed roses and wet dirt. 

Luke and Charis finding air plant babies for Charis to adopt. 

Antennae to hear the sounds of her baby air plants tiny voices. 

120 roses were in each bundle. I love the peach and blood orange color. Still wish they were potted though. 

Baby rose sprays, very sweet indeed. 

Charis discovering new species of plants she loves. 

Photobombed by the flower guy 

Meet our team: Adrea our graphic designer, Juliet (you know me), and Charis our MUA.

Melissa found the perfect flowers for her Mom. 

Rainbow roses. Luke said they were $10 each in Japan. 

A mountain of red roses.

Thank you to my love, Freddy Fitzgerald for taking most of these photos. Thank you to Adrea, Charis, Luke and Melissa for joining us and making the day so special!