Magical Living


How can we make memories jump out of the picture and live with us.  Taking risks, yes, being vulnerable, being there at just the right moment.  I think it calls for a little something more. This is what I like to think of as real magic. 


Being an observer isn't enough.  You have to be an active participant in everything.  Listen enthusiastically, this is silent, but it is active and alive.  Cooking food, could be just ingredients and steps to follow, but when you love the food and love and think of the people you are cooking for, it takes on a magical element.  Nature starts to listen, the atoms start to vibrate to your frequency.  Everything becomes more alive and I think this is the secret to those magic moments we remember forever, because whether we were aware of it or not, we were engaged in that moment, in love with it and all the universe conspired with us to make it perfect and magical. 

As you love life more and people more and honestly, just love every single thing you do and have around you, life loves you back, things start to take on a new dimension above just being people and things.  If you have a longing in your heart for something more, I encourage you to begin loving you and loving your life and the people around you.  Be an active participant in your life.  Make things happen, be the first to make the connection, see things through the eyes, ears, touch, smell, and taste of love. 

Ask yourself these questions constantly:

What would love do?  What would love say?  How can I make this moment even better?  How can I make these people feel comfortable?  What does this person need?  How can I improve this situation?  What does love smell like, taste like, look like, feel like, sound like in this scenario?


Your life will begin to be magical.  Magical how?  Magical in that every day it is ripe with meaning and connection.  Magical in that you feel full inside, rich inside.  Magical in that you are making the world a better, sweeter place. Magical in that you are not alone, you are partnering with forces powerful and creative much bigger than you to connect with all living things.  

This is magic.  

So today, as I take a picture of this or that, I'll breathe life and love into that image and the people there.  As I clean the house, I'll love the things I own and bless this home.  When I walk down the street to the store, I'll look at the people and bless them and if I have an opportunity to help, I'll be ready, because I'm already thinking love.  

This is the secret to every rich inside and outside person and business.  


I took these pictures in San Juan Capistrano with my Love.  We had been so busy with work, I thought it would be fun to go on an adventure exploring the city.  Sad thing is, I was so focused on the adventure part, I forgot about what memories are all about, the people and how much you love them.  I got really frustrated because of little things like traffic and going to my list of places I wanted to see, that I forgot that my Love was hungry and when I found myself thinking he should just wait a bit longer, I realized I was being a selfish person. Once I took a step back, I was able to act with compassion and realize life is not about how many adventures you go on, but how well you love.  We got some food, I calmed down and then once my expectations were relaxed, the adventure began and it was great and I got these lovely pictures to show.  The people are the best part of any journey. 


Enjoy your magical life just as it is!

Love and blessings,