Mind Design by Michael Robert Lawrence

"There are emotions and ways of thinking that hold us in the past.  That's what was happening to me.  I had allowed difficult situations in my life and painful emotions to hold me back from being my full self. Michael spoke with me about how easy it is to be free of the excess bad thinking and heavy past once we have right thinking in place. I realized this is exactly what I needed. We made the appointment and I felt very relaxed and comfortable. Michael wrote a personalized session just for me about the things we discussed were troublesome ideas for me. Michael addressed each one in a positive and insightful way. He guided me mentally through all the doors of my awareness and helped me to see how I can make my life better. After one hour, I felt refreshed, peaceful and no longer triggered by the ideas that had bothered me so much. What is more remarkable to me is I feel my mind re-programming itself to choose the right responses and make good choices every day. It's like I have activated the best me that has been there all along. Michael is genuine, kind and is an expert in this field. It was not spooky, I did not have to read volumes of material or meditate for many years.  It took one hour and it has changed my life. I feel limitless.  Everyone deserves to feel this way. Thank you, Michael.” -Juliet


“Everything you do begins in your mind. Your mind is your foundation. If your foundation is strong everything is easier. If your foundation is weak everything is harder. There is no escaping this. Moreover, when you chase money, status and things you are really chasing feelings and only your mind can deliver your feelings. How you use and relate to your mind is essential for your happiness, relationships, success and well-being. It is the key to your life.


Want to improve your business and personal life? Master your feelings? Make difficult decisions easily? Dramatically improve your relationships? Start or grow a business? Get out of a rut? Stop a negative spiral? Gain the courage to change your life situation for the better? You need confidence, discipline and motivation with strong self-esteem, uplifting moods and a sustained a positive outlook. A NEW understanding of your mind delivers these traits to you in the fastest and most effective way.


A NEW understanding of your mind. There is something amazing you are missing that will change your life forever. Under the surface of your thoughts and feelings you have the natural ability to control your mind consciously. Right now you are unknowingly operating your mind using a set of basic tools that deliver what you request every time. By remaining unaware of these tools you give away your control and allow your thoughts and emotions to manage you without realizing it. This prevents you from reaching your potential, causes you unnecessary misery and suffering, and makes your life harder.


Mind Design by Michael Robert Lawrence teaches you how to control your mind consciously step-by-step. This new practical understanding of your mind allows you to reach your potential, feel great and makes your life better! Michael’s teachings are direct, easy-to-follow, results-oriented, and universal to everyone. They contain no abstract concepts or complex theories and require no studying, meditating or life style changes. Everything has been simplified making learning easier and faster for you. This modern teaching comes from Michael’s direct experience of gaining control of the mind and is offered exclusively here. Michael also combines his Positive Programming modality which he developed over a decade to accelerate the understanding Mind Design in a relaxing effortless way.


Michael Robert Lawrence is an author, engineer, poet, speaker and teacher. He experienced a series of traumas that resulted in the collapse of his mind and life. Michael endured suicidal depression, anxiety and panic disorders, prescription drug addiction, family deaths, divorce, poverty, poor health and more. This suffering pushed him to a peaceful place deep within his mind. Michael designed Positive Programming to stabilize his mind and began to notice how it was operating. He used his engineering skills to map the basic functions of the mind and discovered its mechanics. Michael gained control of his mind without the help of a teacher, without emotional support and during the worst of times.” (michaelrobertlawrence.com)


This is something I recommend to anyone to gain insight into their life and become the person they want to be.  This is truly the way to have a positive future.  


If you would like more information or have questions about Mind Design, send me a message and I will put you in contact with Michael.


Happy minds = happy hearts = happy bodies,




Models: Jillian Nicole @jillibillijean (IG) with Refresh Talent, Chic Models (LA) and Michael Robert Lawrence

Shot on location in Laguna Beach by Juliet Peel Photography 2015